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About Me

Hello I'm Joanie Brooks from McAlester Oklahoma. I started performing for the public at the age of eleven.

I've entertained in Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Branson, Missouri. I've performed for numerous festivals, churches, and theaters including the famous Oklahoma and Grapevine Opry. I've done many personal performances that would include the Blackwood Brothers who selected me for a recording contract, and Wanda Jackson who requested my performance at her yearly festival.

I've been a judge in the National Colgate Country Showdown, as well as performed on live television. I've also done studio and radio work. As an independent recording artist and song writer I enjoy collaborating in the studio that brings my music to life.
Latest and most exciting news is my appearance on the second season of the nationally televised "Shotgun Red" Variety Show in Nashville, Tenn. on the General Jackson Showboat. Due to air Monday March 5, 2012 At 6:00 pm. I was one of the 72 acts out of 2,500 auditions. Performing an original song "Your On My Mind Again" I co-wrote. Over 4 million homes and growing tune in to watch this show. Steve Hall is the producer and host as "Shotgun Red", is famous as the co-host of Nashville Now with Ralph Emery.

As anyone might guess music and all its aspects are among my favorite things in life. Entertaining would be at the top of that list. Which has been apparent since I was a small child singing for anyone who would listen. Song writing is such an Interesting journey that one goes on when they are trying to tap into who they are, what they've experienced and felt, and then put it into words that hopefully flow into a musical arrangement. It is something that makes you take notice of life around you all the little things because it is those things that make great songs.

My family is rich in musical history dating back to "Uncle Dave Macon" Original member of the Grand Ole Opry for 26 years and well-loved before. Banjoist, comedian, and singer of Old-time ballads and was during his time was the most popular country music artist in America. It was an Unbelievable Honor to stand and sing on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry where he had once performed.

I've always known I wanted to be an entertainer but I also love being an artist and have found success as an muralist. I'd have to say children’s art is very rewarding because they love everything you do. One day I hope to do more canvas paintings for personal pleasure.

It was sometime in life after graduating high school I decided to become a cosmetologist and enjoyed that profession for thirteen years with all the wonderful people I met and the many friends I made.

I never gave up my pursuit to entertain through the years and now I'm glad life allows me to pursue music full time. Above all the travel, theatres, and shows I've been afforded. I'm most thankful for my Family, Friends, and Fans. Without these where would I be. Love and Thanks to you all.
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